Weed Blog & Tasting Notes by Jason G

This blog has pictures, tasting notes, and what separates each strain and each brand. I regularly try new strains from each Brand to give my own personal experience from each and every one. Every person will encounter their own experience, these are my personal reactions to each strain.

Denver Cookies Hybrid by Claybourne

May 7, 2020

If you are the type of person who appreciates a strain that has such a beautifully sweet and citrusy smell to it, then you will love this strain. It smells so good that you almost want to eat it. It sounds like a waste to do this to such a great bud, but honestly I would almost want to use this to cook with and make baked goods or like a ceviche with it. It smells and reminds me of a sweet and zesty lemon cookie. Even get a few whiffs of oranges and grapefruit. The buds are emerald and light green with dark orange hairs and coated in crystals. The buds are dense so I would highly recommend grinding this one that way you don’t over pack your bowl. This is a very sticky bud so it leaves some residue on your fingers just from attempting to break it up and its not very easy to break apart by hand. When smoking it you still get those citrusy tastes when exhaling. The effect is immediate and very potent for being approx 28% in just thc. The feeling is both a body and head high and leaves you feeling very relaxed but still focused. I don’t feel any anxiety or chest restrictions. If you have trouble focusing (ADD/ADHD) this will work wonderfully for you and will help to mellow you out. I work long shifts and have very few days off so I always come home tense and sometimes in pain, and this made all of that melt away in a few moments. I wouldn’t say this would be one of my first recommendations for a day time strain, leans more towards night time use, but this is definitely an option for either. It also suppressed my appetite. When I came home I was hungry, after smoking this one I felt content. So if you are looking for something to help with ailments like appetite loss then personally I don’t think this is a good choice for you. This is a great for both novice and expert cannabis consumers. 

Black Triangle OG Hybrid by Claybourne

May 6, 2020

This is probably one of the stickiest strains I have come across. Its really hard to break apart without a grinder and leaves the sticky feeling on your fingers. Unlike the rest of the Claybourne strains, this one doesn’t have a strong smell to it. It is very herbal, earthy and smells manly. There is no fruity or sweet smells to it and it also doesn’t reek of weed when you open the jar, but don’t let it fool you because its very fresh and very potent. This is more for the connoisseur who wants weed that smells just like weed and nothing else. And the taste, is exactly like that as well. There are no flavors other than the taste of the bud itself. This is a strong head high, leaning more towards the characteristics of a powerful sativa. This is the kind of strain for a pro smoker. You get lost in your own imaginative world, promoting creative thoughts while giving you a motivational boost without making you feel wired or like you have the gitters. This strain has an immediate effect and goes straight to the dome. If you want something high testing that has results that back it up, then I think you may have found your match. For beginners, I would definitely encourage you to go towards something else because this one might be too overwhelming for you. This is a whole new level type of experience and it doesn’t take much to feel its powerful effects.

Premium Jack Sativa by NUG

May 5, 2020

You might be asking.. is that julienne carrots or is that Carrot Tops hair?? No that’s just how orange the hairs are on Premium Jack by NUG. This is probably one of the hairiest and largest nugs I’ve seen in quite some time. These nugs are very fresh and sticky, you are definitely going to need a grinder for this strain. The smell is strong and powerful, it reminds me of that fresh clean smell of dryer sheets. I know that it sounds bad comparing it to that, but it has that really refreshing smell to it. After tasting it… it tastes just as it smells which I personally don’t think is a bad thing, it’s quite refreshing and its suitable for the consumer who doesn’t want something sweet or fruity. Premium Jack is a well-rounded version of Jack Herer. In fact, it is pretty identical to it. They could almost be twins, with the exception of the smell and the taste. All of the characteristics of this strain are the same. It’s definitely the ideal sativa for a writer or an artist or even just someone who is looking for a functional day time strain. It’s powerful without being too overwhelming. This strain is great for anxiety or for those who want to socially engage with others. It boosts positivity and creativity. This is the kind of strain that I would enjoy before a night out, such as going dancing or doing anything active. If you are looking for something to put you to sleep, then stay away from this strain because this one will do quite the opposite. The best part about this strain, is that for every eighth of Premium Jack someone buys from NUG, NUG plants a tree.. So I am fully supportive of this brand as well as the amazing buds they produce. 

Jr Mint  Hybrid by Top Shelf

May 4, 2020

Right from the moment you open the jar you get a burst of mint aromas. It smells exactly like the girl scout thin mint cookies. The buds are full or green, purple and orange colors, they are very large in size and densely packed with a nice sticky coating. The taste is very smooth and herbal with a minty after taste as if you had just chewed spearmint gum. The effect is a head and body high, definitely makes you relaxed without the feeling that you are sinking into the couch. This is probably one of the freshest and smoothest smoking buds I’ve tried so far and it leaves quite a refreshing taste in your mouth. This is a more controllable experience and allows you to maintain the tasks throughout your day or evening. This is the kind of strain that makes you want to be productive without giving you a huge energy boost. This is a great choice if you want to motivate yourself to finally clean your kitchen and I would personally say that it’s one you can enjoy during the day or night. No bad after tastes, doesn’t burn your throat and also doesn’t lite the whole bowl on fire so it’s perfect for conserving your bowl and not wasting it. Its potent enough that you don’t have to smoke very much to start feeling its euphoric and uplifting effects. This strain has made it to the top of my lift of favorite flowers..

NY Diesel Hybrid by Herb & Zen

May 3, 2020

I was very impressed by the nugs on this strain. The nugs are larger than usual for outdoor grown flower and very gorgeous looking with its orange hairs and its shimmering coat of crystals. The outside of it is slightly sticky but its manageable to break up without a grinder. It has a very floral scent and reminds me of pine trees when smelling it. Tastes like how diesel fuel smells. The feeling is a balance of a head and a body high. It’s very calming and soothing at first but builds up to an energetic and mood elevating experience. This strain helps with depression, anxiety and fatigue without getting you super wired. This is a strain that I would enjoy for day or night time, just probably not immediately before bed. If you have troubles waking up or feel tired and groggy in the mornings, this is definitely a great choice for you.

Sour Patch Kids Sativa by Herb & Zen

May 3, 2020

This strain has nice big and fluffy buds, this one specifically is not sticky, very easy to break up and has a very faint smell to it, although the name is sour patch kids, it smells more like swedish fish chewy candies than it does of sour patch kids. When smoking, it has a very hash like and earthy taste. The taste is not fruity, sweet or sour like you would anticipate it to be. So for consumers who arent a fan of the fruity strains, don’t let the name fool you because this is definitely a strain you should consider. This bud gives a very mild high, and is not an energy boosting sativa either. This is one that promotes concentration and helps with stress. When enjoying this strain specifically, it makes all of your worries and troubles melt away. Definitely another great choice for those who want something that will allow them to function socially. For being sun grown you can definitely tell the difference in quality but when smoking out of a diffuser or bubbler this is a very smooth and enjoyable sativa, especially for those who are looking for something that wont break the bank.

Durbin Poison by Herb & Zen

May 2, 2020

Durbin Poison has small and dense buds. It has a very strong diesel smell to it. Reminds me of ChemDawg and Sour Diesel Mixed together with a light citrus scent that’s mixed with apricots. The buds are frosted with orange hairs. The buds arent very sticky but they arent very dry either. It is definitely an improvement to the quality compared to sun grown flower. The taste is very herbal, and of minerals. The high is a head high. First hit from this strain isnt as potent as you would expect. Definitely notice the ability to focus and enjoy full conversations with others without forgetting what you are talking about every other second. 100% recommend this for day time, although it does not put you to sleep, its also very neutral energy wise. I don’t feel a difference of being tired or awake. This strain is definitely one that opens up creativity, perfect for artists or musicians or anyone with crafty hobbies. After a few hits later I do notice a bit of an energy boost, the high still is a functional one but the more you relax the more the experience builds higher and higher. That’s what I like to refer to as a creeper strain. Doesn’t hit you right away like trainwreck does, so this is more ideal for someone who is newer to smoking or someone who likes to take control of their experience. This strain does not increase any sort of appetite which is good for those who arent looking to get the munchies. If you are looking for an experience that will still allow you to be social and also one that promotes creative thoughts, then this is the perfect strain for you. 

Mendo Breath Indica from Claybourne:

May 1, 2020

Lightly sweet and earthy and pine like smell,

Colorful, purple buds.

Dence and coated with crystals

Tastes earthy, when smoking this its very smooth. Fresh buds. Lightly sticky.

Slow build to the effect. Feeling of relaxation, total body high, helps with relaxing muscles/easing tension. Does not create any kind of chest tensions. Does not promote an overwhelming high. Makes you feel tired/helps with sleep. Would not recommend this for daytime use. For being only 20.96% thc it is more powerful than when you would expect. Content experience after a few hits. 

Empire Orange Hybrid by Claybourne

April 30, 2020

The initial smell is aromas of sweet citrus fruits and clean sheets. Very strong smell.

The feeling of the bud is very fresh, almost spongy, lightly sticky with orange hair. When smoking this strain it's very smooth. Its tastes like an orange creamsicle (orange and vanilla). There is no harshness when inhaling or exhaling. Increased appetite. Energy, creativity. Kind of smells like fruity cereal. Like fruity pebbles.

Whoa Si Whoa Indica by Top Shelf

April 29, 2020

Very colorful, with orange hairs infused with purple leaves. Sticky and covered in beautiful crystals. Very sweet and citrus like smell. Has a hint of smell like clean sheets and sugar cookies. Smells so good you almost want to take a bite and eat it. Fresh but dense big nugs. Diesel, earthy taste that's smooth when smoking. First hit: instant head high. Creativity, mild sedative feeling. Mouth watering, appetite boosting. No effects of dry mouth. Second hit just as smooth. Has an interestingly clean taste. Lightly sweet. Citrusy. Definitely not the strain to make you cough your lungs out, but does pack a punch. Third hit, more sedative. Starting to balance out to it's TRUE nature as an indica with an intense body high. As if gravity is weighing you down. Entering a complete relaxation mode. Generates feelings of happiness and a worry free attitude. Very uplifting. 20 mins in.. More baked than a toaster. The more I taste it, it's very tropical & minty. I thought it was clean sheets. But it ended up being the minty aspect that reminded me of it. Leaves like a clean and refreshing taste in your mouth, like you had just brushed your teeth.

Kush Cake by Claybourne

April 28, 2020

First impression, the buds are very large. Very fresh but still easy enough to break apart. They have lots of color with the orange hairs and purple leaves. It has a very refreshing smell to it but its still very herbal and earthy. This Hybrid gives a strong body effect. It leaves you very relaxed and has a sedative effect. The high is very strong compaired to other strains and this is caused by the high thc level of 31%. This is for the professional consumer who wants a very powerful effect. The taste when smoking it is very intense, very earthy with a very light sweetness to it. This is very smooth smokng both out of a pipe and a diffuser. The effect is very immediate, it doesnt creep up on you like other strains can be known to do. Definitely would recomend this for night time use, sleep, relaxation, stress, pain and depression. The reason I would recommend this personally for depression is because it has a very uplifting and positive effect to it. This definitely can be used to uplift your high. After smoking a few bowls of banana cream by high garden, and continuously only achieveing the same effect, I tried Kush Cake and it defintely changed the overall experience. It made the effect stronger and altered the high with its own dominant traits. This is definitely for the consumer who has a higher tolerance.