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Since 2020

Reefer Madness was founded in March of  2020 the day the world shut down due to Covid.  But that did not stop us from continuing on in order to help every person experience the power and potency of Medical Marijuana-derived products. We created a team of knowledgeable bud tenders who take pride in product knowledgeability. We are constantly researching different strains and their many different benefits to provide the most accurate information to the consumer and be able to direct them to the appropriate product for their needs. 


So what is the key to our success? We strive to have as many Clean Green Certified products on our shelves because our mission is to provide the healthiest, cleanest and freshest product offered at a great price. We are always personally trying out new products to put on our shelves and only look for the best priced and the top quality in all of our products. 

We are small business owners who created this dispensary from the ground up by ourselves. We engineered a state of the art odor mitigation plan to prevent any chance of the smell being detected from the outside, for the peace of mind of our local residents. We have no investors, no other owners in the company, and we are not corporately owned. Come check our little hot spot out and meet us in person!

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