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Top 5 Strains for Summer

Our Top 5 Summer Strains!

  1. Gush Mints - This Hybrid bud is a nice mellow high with "time warp" effects. Time slows down with this bud and you are able to relax and focus on the job at hand. Also known to increase your appetite. Some brands we carry with the Gush Mints strain: Claybourne, Cali Select.

  2. Hotcakes - A blend of strawberry shortcake and wedding cake gives us Hotcakes! Another fabulous hybrid strain that has mental magical effects. If your looking for something to get you creative and laughing Hotcakes is the strain for you. Some brands we carry with the Hotcakes strain: Green Habitat

  3. Strawberry Cough - Sativa dominant strain with a skunky berry scent, this is sure to put a smile on your face and reduce your stress instantly. Energizing and cerebral effects all rolled into one happy basket of laughs. Do your cheeks hurt yet? Some brands we carry with the Strawberry Cough Strain: Praise, Stiiizy, HUSH, Select Brand, Herb & Zen, Henry's, Heavy Hitters, Dime, Fun Uncle.

  4. OG Kush - Our customers and employees love the relaxing buzz and lemon pine terpenes of this indica strain. Perfect for kicking off your shoes and just kicking back. Some brands we carry with the OG Kush strain: Stiiizy, Fuzzies, Eighth Brother, High Garden.

  5. Mango - This Indica dominant strain is the perfect pick me up if your feeling down in the dumps. It has uplifting and mood altering effects. The smell is fruity and earthy and will have you feeling like you've been transported the beach in no time. Some brands we carry with this strain are: Stiiizy, Hyten, Rove, Dime, Heavy Hitters, Jeeter, Old Pal, Purextracts, Yada Yada, LA Palm Trees, Presidential.

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